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BirdRollers Australia produce an effective and safe bird deterrent  device, which prevent birds from perching on critical assets. 

BirdRollers keep solar panels clean of bird droppings, preventing power generation losses. BirdRollers also keep critical assets clean from bird droppings, reducing corrosion whilst providing a healthier work environment for service staff.

BirdRollers can be installed on solar farms and floating solar farms, stand alone power supplies and Photovoltaic microgrids, telecommunication towers, airport runway signage, marine signage, lighthouses, buoys and beacons,

offshore navigation structures and platforms.

The product is proudly Australian made.

Solar Farms, Floating Solar Farms, Stand Alone Power Supplies & PV Microgrids

Advantages of installing BirdRoller systems: 

  • Increased reliability of the solar farm as solar panels can produce full power by being kept clean from bird droppings.
  • Higher output from the solar farm due to the prevention of “Cumulative Losses” which occur until solar panels are cleaned.
  • Reduction in solar panel cleaning costs related to bird droppings.
  • Environmentally friendly solution as a bird deterrent compared to the now environmentally unfriendly, bird spikes.

Marine & General Signage

Advantages of installing BirdRoller systems: 

  • Sign writing is clear to see due to no bird droppings covering the signage.

    Reduction in corrosion, increasing the life of the sign and reducing maintenance costs.

Airport Runway Signage

Advantages of installing BirdRoller systems: 

  • Improves aircraft safety by preventing birds flocking on signs. This reduces bird numbers in the area and the risk of bird strikes on aircraft during take off and landing.
  • Where solar farms are installed at airports, Birdrollers have a dual benefit of improving power production of the solar farm as well as the bird strike issue for aircraft.

Lighthouses, Buoys & Beacons Solar Panels, Offshore Navigation Structures & Platforms

Advantages of installing BirdRoller systems: 

  • Increase in Maritime Safety due to clean solar panels resulting in higher reliable power supplies for Navigational Aids.
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to a reduction in navigational aids power failures.
  • Provide a healthier workplace on navigational aids by keeping service platforms and equipment free of bird droppings.
  • Enhanced visibility of coloured structures due to no bird droppings covering paintwork with white excreta.
  • Longer structural life of navigational aids due to corrosion and rust otherwise caused by bird droppings.

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Phone: +61 417 283 905


Address: North Coogee WA 6163

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